350 sharks released into the metaverse on the Solana Blockchain.

Free SOL Mint | Stealth Launch

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Important Details

Mint Price: FREE

Launch Date: TBD

Supply: 350


Alpha community for verified holders
Token on exchange w/ passive income airdrops
Lauunch a suite of custom NFT tools & software for holders
Establish a Sharkgents DAO
Fully doxed dev
Tight-knit community
Free mint
Limited supply of 350
Beautiful sharks


What is the mint cost? Sharkgents are minting completely FREE.
When is the mint? The mint date has not been decided yet. Stay tuned by joining the discord and following our twitter!
What is the supply? There will only ever be 350 Sharkgents minted.
What marketplaces will Sharkgents be listed on? We plan to be listed on major marketplaces such as Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, etc.